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This is one of my more expensive and sometimes most frustrating hobbies.  It is so dependent on external elements such as the weather, the moon, the neighbours lights (grrrr). 

A great thing about Astrophotography is that it can be very hard to get everything right. You have to fight the elements, the equipment, and it also requires practice and skill. There is a huge learning curve, but I believe that’s what makes it such a great hobby. There is always something to tweak or learn that will help improve the final image.  It’s one of those things where you can always improve. 

It is just so unfortunate that the weather vs work commitments can make it so difficult. Not only does it require nice weather, it usually has to fall on a Friday night or Saturday night, so I can stay up until the wee hours of the morning and not interfere with my ability to work the next day.

This is one of my “Retirement Hobbies”. It will be so cool when the time comes and I can stay up all night any night the conditions are right 🙂 come on 2027. 

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