Solar Imaging

Below you will find various images of our sun taken through a specifically designed solar telescope.

Never look at the sun without the right solar filters.

Not too long after I built the Serenity Observatory, they started renovating a block of housing units over the back fence. What do you know, they decided to add bright lights in the driveway that stay on all night. Nooooooo!!!! Bright light is not what I need next to an observatory where I am trying to look at the faintest objects in the night sky 🙁

So I decided to branch out and get into part of the hobby, that can be just as satisfying but less dependent on the nigh time conditions.  I purchased a Solar Telescope. A solar scope has a specially designed filter system called an ‘Etalon’, that allows to you view a very specific bandwidth of light from the sun.  With this we can view activity on the sun without going blind. 

The day my solar scope arrived it was a clear bright sunny day. I walked out into the backyard and yelled “BLOCK THIS YOU BA#%^$DS”.
My Solar Imaging hobby was born. 

As a side note, many years later, those lights or not used any more as even the residents thought they were too bright.